Our vision for Adesa Community:

• Sustainably built homes
• Sustainably run organic farm
• Sustaining body, mind, spirit

This Community will offer opportunity:

• For elders to live with personal and home care services where their happiness as well as their health is cared for.

• For couples, families or individuals to build “light footprint” homes and live in an atmosphere of cooperation.

• For all to have access to, and enable production of, fresh, vibrant foods on a year-round basis.

• For all to enjoy and enhance the beauty of trees, hills, meadows and gardens.

• To be a part of common meals, celebrations, reading groups, art studio, health facility, and cottage crafts, as much or as little as desired.

• For all involved, to pioneer a new way of living that embraces common values and connections in conscious living and dying.

When we are given a sense of purpose,
our lives have direction.
Let us do this with awareness
and a sense of purpose...

Adesa Community

Adesa Community

Mission and Vision

Adesa Community is about creating a living and working relationship with the land and each other, building and celebrating together the seasons of the years and the seasons of life.

In Sanskrit, Adesa means healing plants

Adesa Community   |   553 Garfield Ave.   |   Carbondale, CO 81623   |   970.319.6322   |   info@adesacommunity.com
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