Daily Life at Adesa

Imagine waking to the sound of the birds in the fields and trees, the sound of the creek flowing nearby and knowing that yoga followed by meditation is happening in the main house. Afterward, a healthful buffet of breakfast will be served with the elders that have been gathered for their exercise and morning activities. A short announcement of daily activities and needs with the farm will be announced and on the board for all to read. What or who is of most import at this time? Is it pruning the apple trees, picking or weeding the strawberries, or a special visit to Thelma or Ned? Community activities will never be mandatory, but will always be available to those who choose to participate. We will all be made aware of the needs of the communiy. If it ever comes your time for special care you will be met with open heart and hands.

The workshops and art studios will be places that people go to for the next part of the day. Jobs in town call many for their required time. The days at Adesa will be filled with group discussions and events that encourage our growth. Work with the elders will be a daily affair comprising activity of body, mind, and spirit. We can all be a part of this. There will be a child care group and later a more extensive one getting children to our farm and care center for the day. The children and elders will have many opportunities to be together. Teens can have a number of places to fit in and be mentored such as working on the earth, arts, working with elders, working with children or learning trades such as mechanics. There will be a variety of ages and people who will have a less stress ful life due to our caring for one another.

Community dinners will be offered at affordable prices. Meals are not intended to be a source of profit for the community, but rather a chance for all to come together at the end of the day to relax, chat, and enjoy each other's company along with healthy, nutritious food. This will allow families and individuals the time to pursue their own passions by lessening the burden of daily shopping, cooking and cleanup. We will encourage participation at times with each other in food prep and cleanup. This also can become a joyful community activity.

Adesa Community

Adesa Community


Seasons of life and seasons of the year will be celebrated. Any occasion to celebrate this gift of life will come around and be available for those in the community as well as those who live in town. From birthdays to Spring Equinox, from ice sculpture to fishing parties and hayrides, we can celebrate it all.

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