Members & Investors

There are many different opportunities available to those interested in becoming residents of the community, or those who wish to invest in Adesa. There are also many different levels of investment /purchase that are available. We encourage all people with interest to contact us to learn more and to discuss plans. Our lawyer Eric Gross of Carbondale is also willing to be in touch with anyone wanting to talk to him. Please let us know and we will give you his information. Following is a memo Eric wrote regarding his viewpoint of the community from a legal perspective and an encapsulation of the group LLC organizational papers. Good documents make and keep good friends. That is our goal.

Many possibilities are present in this property. With a minimal remodel of the cabins they can be rented and investors or members can use them or gain a percentage of the rental value with management on the premises. The cabins can be used for retreat care by the week with food and spa treatment included or for full monthly rental. Two or more cabins may be reserved for members and farm interns use. Members may also opt to own a cabin at the prices in the brochure and have them reserved for their use only with a minimal homeowners fee for upkeep. Most decisions are still a work in progress and will be open to discussion and change. We need your input.

Legal arrangements are made to discourage financial speculation in the community, while not handicapping members who truly need to leave and realize an increase in their investment.

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