Sustainable Living


What is it about the privacy of the nuclear family and couples life that is not working any longer?

How can we bring beauty and dignity into our lives more fully?

What can we do to preserve the earth for the coming seven generations?

Households will be clustered on the land some in attached housing units, others with greater space between individual units. There will also be sales of three or four separated parcels of land for private buildings. This variety of housing styles will afford members of the community several different lifestyle choices. We have the opportunity to operate a farmers market on the main road adjoining the community." We will preserve the greatest amount of land for the organic orchard and farm, which will be part of Peach Valley CSA. A farm market will be able to be on the main road of this site. Preserving the land for this purpose is of utmost importance for us. We are fortunate to have with us Gail and Ken Kuhns from Peach Valley CSA (Community supported agriculture) They have been farming and raising animals organically for others for over twenty years now. It is time to establish some land devoted to organic farming methods and not to be taken over or bought out for development. Local food sources are so important in our times.

We have a responsibility to the future generations and to the earth to act in aware and respectful ways with our building practices and we will model that.

Adesa Community

Adesa Community

Many of our practices will depend on you. The people who are willing to step into taking a new living consciousness in order to shift our current one are who we are looking for. We have developed coping mechanisms but we are not really wiser for the living of our lives. This has to change and our environment will reflect that. We can accomplish this in one small way that could be a message to others.

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